Friday, January 25, 2008

Price: $149.00

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The Mom's Apple Pie Doll is an all-natural, hand-made, soft sculpture cloth doll. She is stuffed with an honest mix of Eco-wool and cornsilk fiberfill. Her skin is organic cotton interlock jersey. The inner body is muslin. The hair is alpaca wool, multi-tonal yarn in shades of true red, deep red, charcoal, and bits of other colors that popped up out of the process of dye-ing the yarns. She is wearing a short-sleeved shirt of apple red cotton sprigged with bits of a scattered white pattern, and a baggy romper overall, clam-digger-length, of a fantastic apple and leaves wallpaper style cotton print. The straps of the overall are fitted with big wonderful ruffles in matching fabric. The legs are trimmed in cotton to match the shirt, and tie with twine for a gathered fit. The shoes are muslin slipper style, tied with ecru cotton floss. On her hair perches a huge bow of the apple fabric, setting off her beautiful long hair. The alpaca wool hair is hand sewn to the doll's head, and is very very thick, and unbelievably silky-soft. The head shape is hand-tied with cotton twine, in the Waldorf-style. The facial features are hand embroidered in cotton floss. This doll is poseable, with moveable button joints in the shoulders and hips. Mom's Apple Pie is 16" tall, and wonderfully chubby, weighted with a combination of organic millet scented with organic lavender extract, and sterilized uncolored sand. The clothing pattern designs are our own, from scratch to finish. The work is all by hand.

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